Table 2

Recent papers looking into the safety of extending the GBS threshold for the discharge of patients with an acute upper gastrointestinal bleed

AuthorsLow risk scoreNumber of patients in studyIdentified as low risk (%)True low risk (%)Adverse events* in low risk cohort (%)Using score for discharge (Y/N)
Mustafa et al 3 0–151435.663.01.1Y
Stanley et al 15 0–1301219.2553.4In 2/6 hospitals
Recio-Ramírez et al 6 0–26023.353.30N
Stephens et al 7 0–2, age <70 years23222.458.60N
Laursen et al 5 0–283120.846.07.5N
Srirajaskanthan et al 8 0–217454.066.30N
  • *Blood transfusion, endoscopic therapy, radiological intervention, surgery or death.