Table 1

Disease characteristics and demographic data of patients, divided by response to vedolizumab

Responders to VDZ,
Non-responders to VDZ,
P values, IBD
Gender (male/female)2/610/10P=0.23∆
UC: 2/2UC: 8/5UC: P=0.68
CD: 0/4CD: 2/5CD: P=0.24
Age (median, range)42 (23–59)39 (18–62)P=0.85ᵒ
UC: 34 (23-44)UC: 42 (27-62)UC: P=0.16
CD: 49 (32-59)CD: 30 (18-53)CD: P<0.05
Disease score prior to VDZ initiation (median, range)– ᵒ
 UC: Mayo scoreUC: 8 (6 – 12)UC: 6 (4–9)UC: P=0.15
 CD: HBI scoreCD: 8 (7–9)CD: 11 (10-16)CD: P<0.01
Disease duration, years (median, range)17 (7–41)7 (1–17)P<0.05ᵒ
UC: 8 (7–25)UC: 5 (1–16)UC: P=0.11
CD: 22 (12-41)CD: 12 (5-17)CD: P=0.058
Current or past smoking (yes/no)2/65/15P=0.99 ∆
UC: 2/2UC: 5/8UC: P=0.68
CD: 0/4CD: 0/7CD: P=ND
CRP, mg/L (median, range)0 (0–4)3.5 (0–107)P<0.05 ᵒ
UC: 0 (0–3)UC: 3 (0–17)UC: P=0.40
CD: 0 (0–4)CD: 15 (4-107)CD: P<0.01
Concurrent systemic steroid treatment (yes/no)1/75/15P=0.47 ∆
UC: 1/3UC: 5/8UC: P=0.62
CD: 0/4CD: 0/7CD: P=ND
Concomitant therapy; 5-ASA, thiopurine or methotrexate (yes/no)4/35/15P=0.12 ∆
UC: 3/1UC: 12/1UC: P=0.35
CD: 1/3CD: 4/3CD: P=0.30
Previous surgery (partial resection, colonic or ileocecal) (yes/no)1/74/16P=0.64 ∆
UC: 0/4UC: 0/13UC: P=ND
CD: 1/3CD: 4/3CD: P=0.30
Intestinal disease locationUC: P=0.70∆
CD: P=0.91
 UC/Left-sided colitis02
 CD/Colon only24
 CD/Ileum only11
  • ∆χ2 square test.

  • ᵒMann-Whitney U test.

  • 5-ASA, 5-aminosalicylic acid; CD, Crohn’s disease; CRP, C reactive protein; ND, cannot be calculated; UC, ulcerative colitis; VDZ: vedolizumab.