Table 3

Baseline characteristics

Autoantibody testing positive (n=388)Autoantibody testing negative (n=1168)P value
Sex (column % (row %))
 Male43.8% (20.9%)55.1% (79.1%)<0.001
 Female56.2% (29.3%)45.0% (70.7%)
Age (years)51.5±10.852.3±10.50.21
BMI (n=208/730)28.7±7.528.3±6.70.49
History of tobacco use (n=194/675)45.4%51.9%0.11
History of alcohol use (n=147/531)23.1%27.9%0.25
Race (column % (row %))
 White54.3% (22.3%)61.0% (77.8%)0.11
 Asian14.2% (27.1%)12.2% (72.9%)
 Black10.3% (31.3%)7.3% (68.8%)
 Hispanic Ethnicity21.2% (26.0%)19.5% (74.0%)
 ≥2 Comorbidities24.2%28.0%0.15
 Diabetes mellitus21.4%21.9%0.83
 Coronary artery disease10.3%12.7%0.22
 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease3.4%4.5%0.32
 Chronic kidney disease11.9%14.7%0.16
Extrahepatic manifestations
 Any extrahepatic manifestation42.8%45.0%0.44
 Mixed cryoglobulinaemia2.3%1.9%0.59
 Sjögren’s syndrome0.8%0.3%0.22
 Rheumatoid arthritis3.4%3.0%0.73
Treatment status
 History of HCV antiviral therapy prior to presentation (n=284/679)32.0%36.1%0.23
 Received antiviral therapy after presentation28.6%30.6%0.47
 Received antiviral therapy at any time43.3% (168)42.3% (494)0.73
 SVR achieved (n=149/452)37.2%47.1%0.031
  IFN-based therapy29.0%42.7%0.012
  DAA therapy67.6%71.4%0.65
HCV genotype (n=281/773)
 1 Untyped15.7%11.3%0.48
Baseline disease state and severity
 Baseline cirrhosis41.5%44.3%0.34
 Baseline history of decompensation28.4%29.7%0.61
 Baseline HCC4.1%4.9%0.54
 Log10 HCV RNA (IU/mL) (n=263/777)4.58±0.024.59±0.020.0016
 Baseline MELD in patients with baseline cirrhosis16.3±7.916.6±8.60.83
Baseline CTP (n = 113 /408)
  • BMI, body mass index; CTP, Child-Turcotte-Pugh; DAA, direct acting antiviral; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; HCV, hepatitis C virus; IFN, interferon; MELD, Model for End-Stage Liver Disease; SVR, sustained virological response.