Table 3

Characteristics of patients with HCC overall and by adherent (every 6 months) versus non-adherent status

CharacteristicsHCC diagnosis during follow-up (n=228)HCC diagnosis and
adherent (n=151)
HCC diagnosis and
non-adherent (n=77)
P values
AFP >1000 ng/mL at HCC diagnosis10.1%5.8%19.4%0.003
Median tumour size (cm)2.6
BCLC stage 0 or A60.8%70.4%38.7%0.003
Milan criteria for liver transplants*67.1%73.2%54.8%0.006
UCSF criteria for liver transplants†81.7%87.9%68.7%0.001
Received OLT, surgical resection or RFA37.1%43.6%24.0%0.005
5-year cumulative survival33.6%
(95% CI 23.6% to 43.9%)
(95% CI 40.5% to 66.9%)
(95% CI 1.3% to 18.0%)
  • *Milan criteria: solitary tumour ≤5 cm, or three or fewer lesions none >3 cm.27

  • †UCSF criteria: solitary tumour ≤6.5 cm, or three or fewer nodules with the largest lesion ≤4.5 cm and total tumour diameter ≤8 cm, without gross vascular invasion.28

  • AFP, alpha-fetoprotein; HCC, hepatocellular carcinoma; BCLC, Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer; UCSF, University of California, San Francisco; OLT, orthotopic liver transplantation; RFA, radiofrequency ablation.