Table 1

Demographics and baseline characteristics

Female, n (%)28 (97)27 (93)
White, n (%)28 (97)25 (86)
Body mass index (kg/m²)25.90±6.2624.84±5.09
Adequate Relief0.14±0.360.21±0.41
Global Improvement Scale (GIS)−0.29±1.210.17±0.76
Symptom Severity Scale (SSS)269±68261±91
Quality of Life (QOL)39±1742±19
Taking medications for IBS, n (%)6 (21)2 (7)
Taking antidepressants, n (%)6 (21)7 (24)
IBS subtype15
 IBS-C (n)46
 IBS-D (n)34
 IBS-M (n)49
 IBS-U (n)1810
  • All values are mean±SD, unless otherwise noted. Baseline differences in means were assessed with t-tests for quality of life, SSS and body mass index, while differences in distributions of GIS were determined by Wilcoxon rank-sum testing.

  • IBS, irritable bowel syndrome; IBS-C, IBS with constipation; IBS-D, IBS with diarrhoea; IBS-M, mixed IBS; IBS-U, unsubtyped IBS.