Table 3

Type of surgery performed

pT stageType of surgeryTotal
Benign adenoma Nx02 (2—mr no invasive cancer)1 (1—mr no invasive cancer)03
Benign adenoma N01 (1—mr no invasive cancer)0001
T1sm1001 (1—mrTsm2N0)01
T1sm2Nx03 (3—mrT1sm2-3N0)3 (3—mrT1sm2-T2N0)06
T1sm2N03 (3—mrT1sm2-3N0)0003
T1sm3Nx05 (5—mrT1sm3N0)1 (1—mrT1sm3N0)06
T1sm3N+1 (1—mrT2N+)0001
T1sm3N02 (2—mrT1sm3N0)0002
T2Nx01 (mrT1sm3N0)3 (3—mrT1sm3-T2N0)04
T2N+5 (2—mrT2N+, 1—mrT3bN+, 2 -mrT2N0)0005
T2N013 (9—mrT1sm3-T2N0; 4—mr>T2N0)00013
T3aN+1 (1—mrT2N0)0001
T3aN05 (5—mrT3a-bN0)001 (1—mrT3aN0)6
T3bNx001 (1—mrT3bN+)01
T3bN+3 (3—mrT3bN+)0003
T3cN+1 (1—mrT2N+)0001
T3cN02 (2—mrT3bN+)001 (1—mrT3bN+)3
T3N+1 (1—mrT3bN+)0001
T3N03 (2—mrT3N0; 1—mrT3bN+)0003
T4N+1 (mrT3bN+)0001
  • *Depth of invasion into mesorectum not recorded by pathologist.

  • AR, anterior resection; LE, local excision; TEMS, transanal endoscopic microsurgery; TxNx, patients who potentially could have less radical surgery according to mrTN stage.