Table 1

Summary of patients’ disease severity index according to the Mayo Clinic20

Pre-HBOTPost-HBOTp Value*
Stool frequency (median/range)7 (3–20)1 (0.5–3)<0.001
Blood passage (number of patients)1000.002
 Grade 0025<0.001†
 Grade I27
 Grade II200
 Grade III100
Severity score index‡ (median/range)7 (5–9)0 (0–3)<0.001
  • *p Value driven from the Wilcoxon singed ranks test. †p Value is calculated using the same test for the central tendency and dispersion of all grades, not only grade 0.

  • ‡Scoring was calculated using 9 instead of 12 levels, due to the absence of detailed data about severity of passage of blood per anus, which was excluded from the nominator.

  • HBOT, hyperbaric oxygen therapy.