Table 2

Summary of outcome measures

BaselineDay 28 (±7)Day 90 (±7)Day 180 (±14)
Current alcohol use*XXXX
EQ-5D-5L questionnaireXXXX
WEMWBS questionnaire†XXXX
Health and social care resource utilisationXXX
Re-hospitalisation rateXXX
Self-reported time to relapseXXX
Urine sample for alcohol metabolitesX
  • *Self-reported alcohol use (units of alcohol) over a period of 7 days obtained using the timeline follow-back method. At baseline, this covers the 7 days prior to hospital admission. Post-allocation, this covers the 7 days prior to the data collection timepoint.

  • †Including Short WEMWBS.

  • SADQ, Severity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire; WEMWBS, Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale.