Table 2

Patient demographics and index colonoscopy findings

Patient demographicsTotal index cases
Sex, female32542
Age in years (median) at index colonoscopy65(range 60–72)
 Normal colonoscopy (absence of cancer or premalignant polyps)24531.6
 Cancer detected364.6
 Cases of pre-malignant polyp detected (total cases)51566.5
 Cases of pre-malignant polyp detected in absence of cancer49363.6
 Tubular adenoma44857.8
 Tubular villious adenoma10012.9
 Villious adenoma40.5
 Sessile serrated lesion (SSL)668.6
 Median number of premalignant polyps (in positive findings)2(range 1–17)
High risk criteria22829.4
 5 or more premalignant polyps709.0
 Advanced polyps17823.0
 Adenoma/SSL 10 mm or more16521.3
 Adenoma with high grade dysplasia273.5
 SSL with dysplasia70.9
 Grade of bowel preparation
Gloucester Comfort score
 1—no discomfort55972.1
 2—minimal discomfort18323.6
 3—mild discomfort283.6
 4—moderate discomfort50.6
 5—severe discomfort00.0
 Midazolam (mg), median3(range 0–10)
 Fentanyl (mg), median50(range 0–150)
 Buscopan (mg), median0(range 0–20)
  • LNPCP, large non-pedunculated colonic polyp.