Table 4

Comparison of categorical variables using Kaplan-Meier estimation to determine SR-free survival and log-rank analysis to determine significance

VariableEstimated mean SR-free survival95% CI lower95% CI upperP value
Emergency procedure29.822.237.30.418
Elective procedure25.114.735.6
Age≥59.0 years20.612.528.80.023
Age<59.0 years36.428.444.3
Thrombin only25.818.433.20.536
Coil and thrombin31.421.041.8
Presence of gastro-oesophageal varices27.
Absence of gastro-oesophageal varices31.422.939.8
Patient treated with beta-blocker25.518.732.20.211
Patient not treated with beta-blocker40.731.150.2
First procedure32.825.040.60.142
Second procedure21.712.730.7
Third procedure8.61.815.4
  • Estimated mean survival is dependent and is limited to the largest survival time if data are censored. P values demonstrate a significantly lower mean SR-free survival for patients above the median age of 59.0 years.

  • SR, significant rebleeding.