Table 1

Patient demographics and procedural details

CharacteristicsN (%)
Number of patients34
Female gender22 (65)
Cyst characteristics
 Size (mm), median (range)35 (10–90)
Method of diagnosis
Incidental finding20 (59)
Investigation for pain13 (38)
Investigation for raised ALP1 (3)
 Already under surveillance16 (47)
Location of cyst
Head13 (38)
Body12 (35)
Tail8 (24)
Uncinate1 (3)
 Previous FNA6 (18)
 Worrisome features on EUS*25 (74)
Procedural characteristics
Prophylactic antibiotics34 (100)
Median number of forceps passes median (range)4 (1–10)
Technical success34 (100)
Specimen adequacy25 (74)
Final diagnosis
 IPMN12 (35)
 MCN6 (18)
 Inflammatory4 (12)
 Indeterminate4 (12)
 Lymphoepithelial cyst3 (9)
 SCN3 (9)
 NET2 (6)
  • *Worrisome features were defined cyst size ≥3 cm, enhancing mural nodule ≥5 mm, thickened and enhancing cyst wall, main pancreatic duct (MPD) dilatation 5–9 mm, abrupt change in MPD calibre with distal pancreatic atrophy, presence of lymphadenopathy, elevated CA 19–9 or a cyst growth rate >5 mm/2 years.

  • ALP, alkaline phosphatase; EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; FNA, fine needle aspiration; IPMN, intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm; MCN, mucinous cystic neoplasm; NET, neuroendocrine tumour; SCN, serous cystic neoplasm.