Table 3

Times when outcomes were measured according to the times when patients experienced the outcomes

Time patient experienced outcomeTime outcome was measuredn%
Immediately after procedure99.3
0–1 hour after procedure44.1
>1–24 hours after procedure1515.5
>24 hours after procedure44.1
In recovery/at discharge2323.7
After procedure NOS1616.5
Not stated/other2626.8
Not stated10542.9
Before procedure11.0
Immediately after procedure66.2
0–1 hour after procedure88.2
>1–24 hours after procedure66.2
>24 hours after procedure11.0
In recovery/at discharge2323.7
After procedure NOS1818.6
Not stated4243.3
  • Counts indicate the number of studies with at least one outcome with that time of experience−time of measurement combination. Percentages sum to more than 100 because of studies reporting multiple outcomes.

  • NOS, not otherwise specified.