Table 2

Summary statistics and pathway probabilities for all patients (n=15 684) (Transarterial chemoembolisation (TACE))

Palliative pathwaysNPercentageMedian cost 2 years post-diagnosis
Unknown cirrhosis status/non-cirrhotic (n=6668)£6986
Cytotoxic chemotherapy and other1370.9%£15 011
Radiotherapy and other1000.6%£8997
Sorafenib and other3992.5%£21 835
TACE and other9996.4%£18 863
TACE and cytotoxic chemotherapy and other550.4%£20 708
No active treatment497831.7%£2999
Compensated cirrhotic (n=2877)£11 295
Cytotoxic chemotherapy and other900.6%£18 376
Other palliative and other710.5%£13 237
Sorafenib and other1671.1%£21 564
TACE and other9095.8%£20 690
No active treatment164310.5%£4585
Decompensated cirrhotic (n=3008)£6547
Other palliative and other600.4%£16 710
Sorafenib and other680.4%£22 858
TACE and other2851.8%£22 476
No active treatment259516.5%£4135
Potentially curative pathwaysNPercentageMedian cost 2 years post-diagnosis
Unknown cirrhosis status/non cirrhotic (n=1336)£17 371
Ablation and curative2681.7%£13 674
Ablation and palliative490.3%£24 259
Initial palliative and curative1791.1%£26 802
Liver resection/transplant and curative7414.7%£14 691
Liver resection/transplant and palliative990.6%£26 973
Compensated cirrhotic (n=1218)£27 279
Ablation and curative4492.9%£15 484
Ablation and palliative970.6%£24 169
Initial palliative and curative2861.8%£44 953
Liver resection and other2691.7%£15 815
Liver transplant and other1170.7%£58 273
Decompensated cirrhotic (n=574)£29 170
Ablation and other2151.4%£20 402
Initial palliative and curative800.5%£56 098
Liver resection and other500.3%£14 495
Liver transplant and other2291.5%£56 264