Table 1

Summary of the differences between the two IgG4-RD groups

VariablePB group
HN group (n=14)P
Sex (male)81.7% (n=49)57.1% (n=8)0.023
Age, mean (SD)64.4 (12.5)51.1 (15.5)0.001
History of atopy36.6% (n=22)28.5% (n=4)0.76
Eosinophil count>upper limit of normal (ULN)21.7% (n=13)35.7% (n=5)
Serum IgG4 as (ULN)74.5% (n=44/59)50% (n=7)0.10
Serum IgG4 level, median (IQR) multiples of ULN2 [1–3.75)1(1-2)
Elevated serum IgG4 after therapy84.1% (n=37/44)42.8% (n=3/7)0.031
Number of organs involved>168.3% (n=41)33.3% (n=5)0.033
Number of organs involved (median)21
  • HN, head and neck; PB, pancreatobiliary; ULN, upper limit of normal.