Table 3

Variables associated with hospitalisation, surgery, intestinal resection, hospital readmission, need for multiple operations and the therapeutic use of immunobiologicals in patients with Crohn’s disease treated at two reference centres in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (2019−2021)

Univariate analysisLogistic regression
Yes* (%)No* (%)P valueOR95% CIP value
Hospitalisation (n=174)
 Perianal disease†31.613.00.0123,321.31 to 8.430.0012‡
 Ulceration at colonoscopy75.960.90.0421.910.94 to 3.890.076
 Steroid use at first disease occurrence68.452.20.0401.940.98 to 3.850.058
Surgery (n=109)
 Stricturing or penetrating behaviour†35.812.6<0.0015.342.55 to 11.18<0.001‡
 Perianal disease†45.99.9<0.0019.724.54 to 20.84<0.001‡
Intestinal resection (n=50)
 Ileal or ileocolonic location†80.046.5<0.0012.821.10 to 7.220.044‡
 Stricturing or penetrating behaviour†68.011.2<0.00112.35.26 to 28.95<0.001‡
 Upper GI involvement§34.012.0<0.0011.810.434 to 3.220.613
Hospital readmission (n=106)
 Steroid use at first disease occurrence77.754.40.001‡NA
Surgical recurrence (n=13)
 Postoperative complications53.821.60.029‡NA
Use of immunobiologicals (n=128)
 Age of <40 years†81.362.00.0012.671.36 to 5.230.004‡
Perianal disease†35.916.30.0013.501.62 to 7.54<0.001‡
Upper GI involvement§21.810.30.0352.531.04 to 6.130.040‡
  • *Frequencies related to endpoints.

  • †At diagnosis.

  • ‡Significant.

  • §23 patients did not undergo investigation of the small intestine.

  • GI, gastrointestinal; NA, not applicable.