Table 3

Characteristics of patients with temporary AC

Patient numberAgeSexSerum gastrin
HP statusPathology finding
182M84PositiveIM chronic gastritis
280FN/APositiveIM mature type with atrophic gastritis
365MN/APositiveMild chronic gastritis
469MN/APositiveMild antral gastritis with IM mature type
583FN/APositiveMild chronic gastritis
654M480PositiveMild chronic gastritis
767FN/APositiveChronic atrophic gastritis
880FN/APositiveHP-related gastritis
962F200PositiveHP-related gastritis
1064M96PositiveHP-related gastritis
11101F250PositiveMild chronic gastritis with IM mature type
  • AC, achlorhydria; HP, Helicobacter pylori; IM, intestinal metaplasia; N/A, not available.