Table 2

Diagnostic recognition and received medical or surgical treatment for individuals meeting criteria for Rome IV

No organic GI disorder or DGBIOrganic GI disorderIBS (no FD)FD (no IBS)Both FD and IBS
Diagnosis by Rome IV criteria (prevalence)81.94% (n=725)5.42% (n=49)2.7% (n=24)7.45% (n=66)2.48% (n=22)
DGBI diagnosis by doctor
 Irritable bowel syndrome8.97% (n=65)24.49% (n=12)41.67% (n=10)19.70% (n=13)72.73% (n=16)
 Functional dyspepsia0.28% (n=2)2.04% (n=1)0%3.03% (n=2)0% (n=0)
 Undiagnosed DGBI58.33% (n=14)96.97% (n=64)27.27% (n=6)
Other diagnoses by doctor
 GERD9.38% (n=68)20.41% (n=10)20.83% (n=5)24.24% (n=16)22.73% (n=5)
 Chronic constipation1.79% (n=13)4.08% (n=2)8.33% (n=2)9.09% (n=6)4.55% (n=1)
 Chronic diarrhoea0.69% (n=5)2.04% (n=1)04.55% (n=3)0
 Diabetes4.41% (n=32)10.20% (n=5)09.09% (n=6)0
 Coeliac disease16.33% (n=8)
 Peptic ulcer28.57% (n=14)
 Diverticular disease1.79% (n=13)8.16% (n=4)4.17% (n=1)4.55% (n=3)13.64% (n=3)
 IBD40.82% (n=20)
 GI cancer12.24%% (n=6)
 Fibromyalgia0.55% (n=4)2.04% (n=1)8.33% (n=2)6.06% (n=4)13.64% (n=3)
 Migraine10.48% (n=76)22.45%(n=11)33.33% (n=8)24.24% (n=16)18.18% (n=4)
Surgical interventions
 Cholecystectomy3.72% (n=27)6.12% (n=3)8.33% (n=2)10.61% (n=7)9.09% (n=2)
 Appendectomy8.14% (n=59)14.29% (n=7)12.5% (n=3)4.55% (n=3)18.18% (n=4)
 Hysterectomy3.17% (n=23)4.08% (n=2)16.67% (n=4)6.06% (n=4)18.18% (n=4)
 Bowel resection16.33% (n=8)
 Other pelvic-abdominal surgery8.83% (n=64)6.12% (n=3)33.33% (n=8)15.15% (n=10)22.73% (n=5)
Medications used regularly (at least once a week)
 For constipation4.28% (n=31)8.16% (n=4)12.5% (n=3)15.15% (n=10)22.73% (n=5)
 For diarrhoea0.69% (n=5)8.16% (n=4)4.17% (n=1)3.03% (n=2)9.09% (n=2)
 For nausea0.69% (n=5)6.12% (n=3)8.33% (n=2)6.06% (n=4)22.73% (n=5)
 For heartburn/antiacid medication15.43% (n=112)26.53% (n=13)16.67% (n=4)42.42% (n=28)50.0% (n=11)
 Painkillers (prescription)9.09% (n=66)22.45% (n=11)20.83% (n=5)19.7% (n=13)54.55% (n=12)
 Painkillers (over the counter)15.70% (n=114)20.41% (n=10)41.67% (n=10)37.88% (n=25)40.91% (n=9)
 For bloating6.06% (n=44)16.33% (n=8)25% (n=6)18.18% (n=12)36.36% (n=8)
 For anxiety4.27% (n=31)2.04% (n=1)8.33% (n=2)16.67% (n=11)36.36% (n=8)
 For depression3.03% (n=22)04.17% (n=1)6.06% (n=4)27.27% (n=6)
 Sleeping tablets4.41% (n=32)2.04% (n=1)12.5% (n=3)12.12% (n=8)36.36% (n=8)
  • IBS, FD or both disorders; % within the group (n=number of respondents).

  • DGBI, disorders of gut–brain interaction; FD, functional dyspepsia; GERD, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease; GI, gastrointestinal; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; IBS, irritable bowel syndrome.