Table 3

Model comparison using ROC curves

ModelFL vs non-FLFLG-II vs FLG-I and FLG-0
AUC95% CIP valueAUC95% CIP value
Bedogni et al90.7180.67 to 0.77<0.00010.8210.77 to 0.87<0.0001
Full model0.7310.68 to 0.78<0.00010.8430.79 to 0.89<0.0001
Non-invasive0.7310.68 to 0.78<0.00010.8150.76 to 0.87<0.0001
Without liver enzymes0.7030.65 to 0.76<0.00010.8090.75 to 0.87<0.0001
Low cost0.7200.67 to 0.77<0.00010.8170.76 to 0.87<0.0001
With liver enzymes0.7350.68 to 0.79<0.00010.8420.79 to 0.89<0.0001
With lipid profile0.7020.65 to 0.76<0.00010.8080.75 to 0.86<0.0001
  • AUC, area under the curve; FL, fatty liver; FLG, fatty liver grade; ROC, receiver operating characteristic.