Table 3


Total attemptsSuccess rate (%)
Diagnostic modalities (GI bleed)
 Capsule endoscopy3066.7*
 Push enteroscopy333.3
 Endoscopy (unspecified)1181.8
No of modalities required to identify bleeding source843.5±1.5
nPercent of total cases (%)
Evidence of AVWS found§2735.1
Evidence of AVWS not found911.7
AVWS not assessed¶911.7
AVWS assessment not stated**3241.6
  • *†Within a section, values labelled with different superscripts differ (p<0.05), however, values labelled with a common superscript were not compared with one another.

  • ‡Includes angiography, scintigraphy, arteriogram, CT enteroclysis, and barium studies.

  • §81.5% of these diagnoses were based on gel electrophoresis results.

  • ¶Case reports which stated that they did not assess for AVWS.

  • **Case reports which did not describe whether or not they assessed for AVWS.

  • AVWS, acquired von Willebrand syndrome; DBE, double balloon enteroscopy; EGD, oesophagogastroduodenoscopy.