Table 2

Gastrointestinal bleed characteristics

Source of bleeding identified?
No of sources of bleeding*Percent of total cases identified (%)
 3 or more56.5
Source of bleeding location:
 Small intestine (unspecified)55.6
 Small intestine total5156.7
 Colon (unspecified)910
 Ascending colon1011.1
 Transverse colon11.1
 Descending colon11.1
 Colon total3134.4
Other sources of bleeding identified†Percent of other sources identified (%)
 Gastritis/autoimmune gastritis428.6
 Peptic ulcer disease214.3
 Bleeding polyp (colonic, gastric)214.3
  • *Number of distinct gastrointestinal bleeding sources identified per patient.

  • †Gastrointestinal bleeding sources identified other than angiodysplasia or gastric antral vascular ectasia syndrome.