Table 1

Mean characteristics of GoDARTS patients stratified by NAFLD status at time of enrolment to GoDARTS

CharacteristicNon-NAFLDNumber NAFLDP
% diabetic24.65%(n=1658)66.34%(n=4623)<0.0001
BMI27.22 kg/m2 (SD=4.76)30.90 kg/m2 (SD=6.07)<0.0001
Weight (males/females)84.44 kg (SD=14.18)
/70.20 kg (SD=14.38)
92.89 kg (SD=17.04)
/79.64 kg (SD=18.30)
Female41.48% (n=2790)55.46% (n=3865)<0.0001
Smoker55.14% (n=3709)57.67% (n=4019)2.3×10–3
Age at signup61.88 years (SD=13.72)64.9 years(SD=11.54)<0.0001
Follow-up length9.24 years (SD=2.50)8.58 years(SD=2.88)<0.0001
  • GoDARTS, Genetics of Diabetes Audit and Research Tayside, Scotland; NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.