Table 4

Outcomes at 3-month follow-up period

Ambulatory, n=69P value
Ambulatory from diagnosis, n=15Initially inpatient and then discharged to ambulatory, n=54
Experienced further UC flare67827.6% (170/615)26.7% (4/15)20.8% (10/48)0.45
Readmitted to hospital with further UC flare63225.0% (144/576)23.1% (3/13)27.9% (12/43)0.93
Underwent colectomy (not including index colectomy)6864.5% (28/622)13.3% (2/15)4.1% (2/49)0.24
  • P value=Fisher’s exact test or Kruskal-Wallis test for discrete and continuous variables continuous, respectively. Discrete variables displayed % (n/N) and continuous variables median (IQR).

  • UC, ulcerative colitis.