Table 3

Cost analysis per drug

Drug (brand)FormTime treatment course provided in (weeks)Infusion timeAdministration visitsCost (£)
Ferrous sulphate*Tablet122.43
Ferrous gluconate*Tablet123.27
Ferrous fumarate*Tablet122.47
Sodium feredate (Sytron)**Liquid1229.90
Ferric maltol (Ferracru)†Capsule12142.80
Ferric carboxymaltose (Ferinject)‡Injection2302308.46
Ferric derisomaltose (Monofer)‡Injection2302339.00
Iron sucrose (Venofer)§Injection3308768.00
Iron dextran (Cosmofer)§Injection12401119.55
  • National Health Service (NHS) indicative price as per British National Formulary (BNF).

  • *Cost based on one one tablet or 10 mL per day.

  • †Cost based on two capsules per day.

  • ‡Based on 70 kg patient, with Hb <10 according to each summary of product characteristics.

  • §Based on 70 kg patient with Hb of 90 g/L.

  • Hb, haemoglobin.