Table 2

Subclinical vascular disease parameters among participants in SHIP and KORA

Total (N=1341)Total (N=386)
Ascending aorta diameter (cm)3.32 (0.46)2.96 (0.41)
Descending aorta diameter (cm)2.46 (0.35)2.09 (0.31)
Infrarenal aorta diameter (cm)1.85 (0.23)1.50 (0.21)
Plaque presence467 (34.9%)54 (20.6%)
Type of plaqueNA
 AHA type I208 (79.4%)
 AHA type III38 (14.5%)
 AHA type V10 (3.8%)
 AHA type VI or VII6 (2.3%)
Carotid intima-media thickness (mm)0.60 (0.14)NA
Wall thickness, LCA (mm)NA0.73 (0.69, 0.79)
Wall thickness, RCA (mm)NA0.73 (0.69, 0.81)
Lumen area, LCA (mm2)NA17.54 (14.02, 21.61)
Lumen area, RCA (mm2)NA16.40 (13.14, 20.68)
Wall area, LCA (mm2)NA12.39 (10.72, 14.03)
Wall area, RCA (mm2)NA12.18 (10.36, 14.06)
NWI, LCANA0.44 (0.05)
NWI, RCANA0.45 (0.05)
  • Values are expressed as the mean (SD) for continuous variables, or n (%) for categorical variables.

  • Hepatic fat content was quantified on the level of portal vein by MRI PDFF. Plaque was detected using ultrasound in SHIP and MRI in KORA. Number of missing values for each outcome variable is shown in online supplemental table 2.

  • AHA, American Heart Association; KORA, Cooperative Health Research in the Region of Augsburg; LCA, left carotid artery; NA, not applicable; NWI, normalised wall index, calculated as wall area/(lumen area + wall area); PDFF, proton density fat fraction; RCA, right carotid artery; SHIP, Study of Health in Pomerania.