Table 1

Overview of the exercise programme

Length of exercise programMaximum 6 months
SettingEdith Cowan University affiliated exercise clinics/facilities
Frequency2 sessions per week
Session duration45–60 min (including 5 min warm-up and cool-down)
Warm-upLow-intensity aerobic exercise (eg, treadmill walking)
Cool-downStatic stretching
Resistance training
ExercisesOverhead press, latissimus pull-down, chest press, seated row, leg press and leg curl
EquipmentWeight machines and dumbbells
Duration20–30 min/session
Number of sets1–2 (weeks 1–4), 3 (weeks 5 onwards)
Number of repetitions12 RM (weeks 1–8), 10 RM (weeks 9–16), 8 RM (weeks 17 onwards)
Recovery between sets60 s
Progression5%–10% weight increase following the 2-for-2 rule*
Aerobic-based exercises
ExercisesContinuous cycling or intermittent sport-related activities (eg, repeated punches thrown and agility ladder drills)
EquipmentContinuous: upright or recumbent cycle ergometer
Intermittent: punching bag/pad, gloves and agility ladder
Duration≤20 min/session
VolumeContinuous: 5–10 min (weeks 1–8), 15 min (weeks 9–16), 20 min (weeks 17 onwards)
Intermittent: 3–5 bouts×30 s with 60 s recovery (weeks 1–4), 6–8 bouts×45 s with 60 s recovery (weeks 5–8), 8 bouts×60 s with 60 s recovery (weeks 9 onwards)
Intensity~65%–80% of estimated MHR or RPE 4–6
ProgressionContinuous: increases in resistance and pedalling speed
Intermittent: variations in activity profile and work-to-rest ratio (ie, from 1:2 to 1:1)
  • *Increasing weight when two additional repetitions on the last set of an exercise can be successfully completed for two consecutive sessions.

  • †Aerobic-based exercise will be alternated from session to session, that is, either continuous cycling or intermittent sport-related activities will be performed in a session.

  • MHR, maximum heart rate; NAT, neoadjuvant therapy; RM, repetition maximum; RPE, rating of perceived exertion (the 10-point Borg Scale).