Table 1

Patient characteristics, phenotype, parity and treatment history

Number of patientsPercentage of patients
 Not stated33
 Not stated69
Smoking status
 Never smoker16481.20
 Previous smoker3215.80
 Current smoker63.00
 Not stated42
Phenotype UC
 UC E14133.30
 UC E24839.00
 UC E33427.70
 Not stated1
Phenotype CD
 Not stated7
 Not stated6
 Not stated10
Perianal disease
Previous resection surgery (all IBD patients)5422.10
  • Where numbers do not add up to 244 some data were not supplied.

  • CD, Crohn’s disease; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; IBD-U, IBD-unclassified; UC, ulcerative colitis.