Table 3

Association between amount of change in height from MESA Exam 1–5 and incidence of HH (n=1464)

Loss of height from Exam 1–5Number without HH at Exam 1Number developing HH between Exams 1 and 5% with HHP trend
<1 cm547387.0
 1–2 cm507428.3
 2–3 cm2552911.4
 3–4 cm961414.6
 4–5 cm34617.7
 >5 cm25416.0
  • P trend was measured by modelling the ordinal predictor, loss of height from Exam 1–5, as a continuous variable in a logistic regression model, with incident HH at Exam 5 as the outcome.

  • HH, hiatal hernia; MESA, Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis.