Table 2

Prevalence of endoscopic abnormalities. Multiple abnormalities admitted for each examination

Upper GI examinationsn=87Lower GI examinationsn=27
Normal examinations, n (%)26 (29.9%)Normal examinations, n (%)5 (18.5%)
Major findingsMajor findings
 Oesophagitis7 (8%) Ischaemic-like colopathy9 (33.3%)
  Los Angeles A/B oesophagitis4  Diffuse3
  Los Angeles C/D oesophagitis3  Left colon6
 Petechial/haemorrhagic gastropathy8 (9.2%) Lower bleeding w/o other abnormalities3 (11.1%)
 Erosive/ulcerative diffuse damage14 (16.1%)Minor findings
  Gastric8 Unspecific left colon erythema2 (7.4%)
  Duodenal3Chronic findings
  Antro-duodenal2 Segmental colitis associated with diverticulosis3 (11.1%)
  Jejunal1 Diverticulosis4 (14.8%)
 Ulcers22 (25.3%) Haemorrhoids1 (3.7%)
  Gastric11 (12.6%)Acute-on-chronic findings
  Forrest III (non-bleeding)6 Ulcerative inflammatory colitis1 (3.7%)
  Forrest IIb (visible clot)1 Bleeding diverticulum4 (14.8%)
  Forrest Ia/b (oozing/spurting)4 Bleeding angioectasia2 (7.4%)
  Duodenal9 (10.3%)
  Forrest IIb (visible clot)2
  Forrest Ia/b (oozing/spurting)7
  Oesophageal (non-bleeding)2
 Dieulafoy lesion1 (1.1%)
Minor findings
 Erythematous/oedematous gastropathy21 (24.1%)
 Erythematous/oedematous duodenopathy6 (6.9%)
 Granular/nodular gastropathy2 (2.3%)
 Oesophageal candidiasis2 (2.3%)
 Gastric antral vascular ectasia3 (3.5%)
 Atrophic gastropathy3 (3.5%)
 Oesophageal varices5 (5.9%)
 Cystic glands polyps1 (1.2%)
 Angioectasia1 (1.2%)
 Oozing oesophageal varices3 (3.4%)
 Oozing gastric polyp2 (2.3%)
 Oozing hypertensive duodenopathy1 (1.2%)
 Oozing GAVE1 (1.2%)
  • GAVE, gastric antral vascular ectasia; GI, gastrointestinal; w/o, without.