Table 2

Hazard of death: multivariable analysis

Patient characteristicsUnadjusted HR95% CIP valueFully adjusted HR95% CIP value
Male1.130.65 to 1.96p=0.6561.170.66 to 2.10p=0.574
 PS 011
 PS≥12.001.14 to 3.53p=0.0162.111.12 to 3.97p=0.020
 Stage I11
 Stage II2.070.49 to 8.79p=0.3261.550.35 to 6.79p=0.563
 Stage III4.311.01 to 18.35p=0.0503.180.72 to 14.00p=0.126
Chemoradiotherapy0.920.50 to 1.71p=0.7930.880.45 to 1.72p=0.708
 GTV<6 cm11
 GTV≥6 cm1.9611.0 to 3.47p=0.0211.861.03 to 3.37p=0.041
  • HRs by patient characteristics, treatment modality and gross tumour volume lengths.

  • GTV, gross tumour volume; PS, performance status.