Table 3

Cost-effectiveness results for cohort of 60-year-old patients with resected colorectal cancer*

Scenario and strategyTotal cost (US$)Health effects (QALYs)Incremental
Cost (US$)
Incremental QALYsICER (US$/QALY)
Stage III patients
 CTC-based strategy121 0998.0721
 Standard of care121 3928.07742930.005355 498
Stage II patients
 CTC-based strategy112 3009.3684
 Standard of care112 5579.37482570.006440 193
  • *Costs and effects are generated under the assumption of 100% systematic adherence to surveillance. A lower systematic adherence would reduce costs and effects proportionally but ICERs would remain unchanged.

  • CTC, CT colonography; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; QALY, quality-adjusted life year.