Table 1

Case studies with acute esophageal necrosis due to active alcohol drinking

StudyYearAgeSexPresenting symptomsPredisposing factorsAmount of alcohol consumptionTreatment*Outcome
Siddiqi et al
Current case
202056FemaleVomiting, abdominal painAlcohol drinking, DM, GERD8–10 beers dailyPPIAlive
Ullah et al16201850MaleHematemesis, unresponsiveAlcohol abuse, hypertension, CAD, GERD4 beers dailyPPIDied
Sharma et al10201732MaleHematemesisAlcohol abuseBinge drinkingPPIAlive
Shah et al11201766FemaleUnresponsiveAlcohol abuseDaily 1–2 pints of hard liquorNADied
Cameron and Schweiger14201762MaleUnresponsiveAlcohol abuse, CAD, DM, hypertensionNAPPI, sucralfate, TPNAlive
Brar et al15201759FemaleUnresponsive, vomiting, hypovolemic shockAlcohol abuse, depressionNAPPI, octreotideAlive
Hong et al8200885MaleHematemesisAlcohol abuse, DM, hypertension, gastric ulcerNAPPI, TPNAlive
Endo et al9200541MaleEpigastric pain, hematemesisAlcohol-induced liver injury1.8 L of distilled spiritsH2 blocker, TPNAlive
Yamauchi et al13200560MaleHematemesisAlcohol abuse900 mL of distilled spiritsPPIAlive
Katsinelos et al122003NA
MaleVomitingAlcohol abuseNAPPIAlive
  • *In addition to supportive treatment with fluid resuscitation, antiemetics, analgesics and withholding oral diet.

  • CAD, coronary artery disease; DM, diabetes mellitus; GERD, gastro-esophageal reflux disease; H2 blocker, histamine receptor 2; NA, not available; PPI, proton pump inhibitors; TPN, total parenteral nutrition.