Table 3

Association of cirrhosis status by quintile of AFB1-lysine adduct levels

AFB1-albumin adductsRange
(pg/mg albumin)
CasesControlsCrude modelAdjusted model*
OR95% CIOR95% CI
 Quintile 10.49–2.685541.001.00
 Quintile 22.75–4.9815453.601.21 to 10.674.921.32 to 18.35
 Quintile 35.07–9.5821395.822.02 to 16.764.851.31 to 17.88
 Quintile 49.66–19.6627338.843.10 to 25.2012.013.34 to 43.14
 Quintile 519.68–171.58312911.554.05 to 32.8912.413.23 to 47.74
P value for trend0.0010.001
  • Interaction terms were included for the covariates; only AFB1 and sex were statistically significant (p=0.01).

  • *Adjusted for sex, ethnicity, HBV status, and heavy alcohol consumption.

  • AFB1, aflatoxin B1; HBV, hepatitis B virus.