Table 2

RCT comparing EUS-FNA and EUS-FNB for diagnosis of pancreatic cancers

StudyYear of studyTotal no of patientsAccuracy/diagnostic yield, FNA versus FNB (%)Sensitivity, FNA versus FNB (%)Specificity, FNA versus FNB (%)
Cheng et al80201840880 vs 91.4*NANA
Van Riet et al82201960887 vs 78*90 vs 82*96 vs 91
Wang et al83201640880 vs 93NANA
Vanbiervliet et al8120148092.5 vs 90NANA
Lee et al84201411894.8 vs 98.394.6 vs 98.2100 vs 100
Strand et al8520143293.8 vs 28.1*NANA
  • *Statistically significant data.

  • EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; FNA, fine-needle aspiration; FNB, fine-needle biopsy; NA, not applicable; RCT, randomised control trial.