Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients with immune-mediated diseases

VariableOverall n=2 26 555AS n=8691IBD n=1 00 336PsA n=18 345RA n=99 183
Age at diagnosis, median (range)50 (19–65)47 (19–65)47 (19–65)50 (19–65)53 (19–65)
Female, %62.845.954.753.474.2
Comorbidities at or before diagnosis of immune-related diseases, %
 Diabetes mellitus10.
Medications within 84 days of index date, %
 Other hepatotoxic medications*
 Other biologics†
Follow-up in years since diagnosis, median (range)1.5 (0.0–6.0)1.3 (0.0–6.0)1.7 (0.0–6.0)1.3 (0.0–6.0)1.4 (0.0–6.0)
  • *Other hepatotoxic medications include azathioprine, leflunomide and/or sulfasalazine.

  • †Other biologics include abatacept, ixekinumab, rituximab, secukinumab, and/or tocilizumab.

  • AS, ankylosing spondylitis; IBD, inflammatory bowel disease; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.