Table 3

Proportion (%) of patients with improved or unchanged ultrasonographic findings after 24 weeks of PPC treatment, according to the number of comorbidities

Features—%One comorbidity
Two comorbidities
Three comorbidities
Four comorbidities
ImprovedNo changeImprovedNo changeImprovedNo changeImprovedNo change
Diffuse liver hyperechogenicity69.330.768.831.267.232.869.031.0
Heterogeneous structure of the liver*35.664.445.354.545.354.738.860.8
Indistinctness and/or underlined vascular pattern15.484.621.178.926.573.524.475.6
Distal echo signal attenuation14.685.420.080.023.876.225.374.7
  • *Worsening of ‘heterogeneous structure of the liver’ occurred in 0.2% of patients with two comorbidities and in 0.4% of patients with four comorbidities.

  • PPC, polyenylphosphatidylcholine.