Table 2

Proportion (%) of patients with improved or unchanged ultrasonographic findings after 24 weeks of PPC treatment, according to comorbidity nature

Features—%Hypertension (n=1635)Overweight/obesity
Type 2 diabetes mellitus (n=475)High cholesterol
ImprovedNo changeImprovedNo changeImprovedNo changeImprovedNo change
Diffuse liver hyperechogenicity67.732.368.831.268.231.867.832.2
Heterogeneous structure of the liver*43.656.443.356.640.659.343.756.2
Indistinctness and/or underlined vascular pattern24.875.223.176.924.875.224.475.6
Distal echo signal attenuation21.778.322.577.522.777.321.578.5
  • *Worsening of ‘heterogeneous structure of the liver’ occurred in 0.1% of patients in each comorbidity subgroup.

  • PPC, polyenylphosphatidylcholine.