Table 1

Demographics, presenting features and clinical findings in 16 consecutive cases of gastrointestinal lymphoma

CaseGenderClinical presentationEndoscopy
1FemaleDyspepsiaAntral ‘gastritis’, duodenitis
2MaleChronic diarrhoeaMultiple colonic polyps
3MalePositive stool DNA testingUlcerated mass at splenic flexure and ascending colon
4MaleFood impaction, dysphagiaClean-based gastric ulcers
5MaleMelenaFungating, ulcerated circumferential mass in the gastric fundus
6MaleGastric outlet obstructionFungating, infiltrative, ulcerated circumferential mass in gastric body
7FemaleHaematemesisLarge cratered necrotic duodenal ulcer
8MaleIntussusception at terminal ileum (TI)Partially obstructing mass at the ileocaecal valve
9MaleAbdominal painFungating, partially obstructing mass in ascending colon and caecum
10FemaleEpigastric painPatchy mild erythema in duodenum
11MaleHaematochezia3 cm ulcerated non-obstructing polypoid mass in the terminal ileum
12FemaleAbdominal painPartially obstructing tumour in the caecum
13MaleAbnormal abdominal imaging, anaemiaPartially obstructing mass at the ileocaecal valve
14FemaleProfound hypoalbuminaemia (malnutrition), anasarcaMucosal changes in jejunum
15MaleSevere anaemia, abdominal painNon-obstructing, circumferential, polypoid mass in the terminal ileum
16FemaleIron deficiency anaemiaLarge, ulcerated, non-obstructing mass at ileocaecal valve