Table 2

Confusion matrix for the Naïve Bayes and Neural Network models for the home collected stool samples using naïve test sets

ModelCountScore HS_Polyp_YScore HS_Polyp_NClassification
Naïve Bayes17**27%73%FN
Naïve Bayes1982%18%FP
Naïve Bayes5010%90%TN
Naïve Bayes8290%10%TP
Neural Network14††22%78%FN
Neural Network1783%17%FP
Neural Network5211%89%TN
Neural Network8590%10%TP
  • *False negatives using Naive Bayes model

  • †False negatives using Neural Network model

  • AUC, area under the curve; FN, false negative;FP, false positive;HS, home collected stool sample;HS_Polyp_N, Home Stool from subjects without polyps; HS_Polyp_Y, Home Stool from subjects with Polyps; Polyp_N, polyp-negative group;Polyp_Y, polyp-positive group;TN, true negative;TP, true positive.