Table 4

Mortality and morbidity (Clavien-Dindo classification) in patients with colorectal cancer

OverallAfter matching
Symptomatic patientsAsymptomatic patientsp ValueSymptomatic patientsAsymptomatic patientsp Value
Mortality3 (2.1%)0 (0.0%)0.250 (0.0%)0 (0.0%)1.00
Grade 1, 2 morbidity
 Intestinal obstruction11643
 Anastomotic leakage1202
 Wound infection3332
 Intra-abdominal abscess1212
 Catheter infection4210
 Urinary tract infection2110
 Anastomotic bleeding1212
 Intra-abdominal bleeding1000
 Cerebral haemorrhage1000
 Urinary dysfunction2000
 Atrial fibrillation0202
 Deep vein thrombosis1010
Grade 3, 4 morbidity
 Anastomotic leakage5403
 Intestinal obstruction2121
 Intra-abdominal abscess6121
 Anastomotic bleeding1212
Total number of patients with morbidities
 Grades 1–451 (35.2%)37 (30.1%)0.4323 (28.8%)26 (32.5%)0.73
 Grades 3–418 (12.4%)8 (6.5%)0.155 (6.3%)7 (8.8%)0.77